Our Mission

24798121_mAlmost 80% information is received by our eyes. Visual function plays an important role in our learning and growth, especially during childhood. Nowadays, children can reach different kinds of electrical visual devices easily, so parents have more concern about the vision and eye health of their children. According to a study, 17% of Hong Kong kindergarten students had be found having visual problems, including refractive error, squint and suspected amblyopia.
Around the world, governments in different places would usually promote the importance of children eyes care by providing detailed eye examination for their children. However, it is not the case in Hong Kong.
Children at 4 years old or above can join the preschool vision screening provided by Maternal and Child Health Center. The purpose of the screening is to detect the serious vision or eye abnormalities. However, it is not a complete eye examination, so it cannot detect all vision problems. Conditions like moderate to low refractive error, latent squint, color vision defect, ocular allergy, glaucoma and retinal diseases would not be detected by vision screening only. Those who passed the screening test do not mean their eyes are healthy enough for daily life activities and learning.

We suggest every children at 3 years old should have their first comprehensive eye examination. Abnormal eye conditions will affect the development of visual system. If the visual problems or abnormalities that being too late be diagnosed, they may become un-treatable and cause permanent damage.
As an optometrist, we committed to promote children eye care. We would like to cooperate with parents closely in order to protect their children eyes as early as possible.