Adult eye problems

Web.001Inside each or our eyes, there is a crystalline lens which is clearness and responsible to focus image on our retina clearly. Cataract is the condition that the lens become to cloudy and affect our  vision.
People with cataract would experience conditions like blurry vision, sensitive to bright light, sensitive to glare, weak in color perception, sudden change in refractive error and even double vision.
Aging is a main cause in most cases, and the effect of ultraviolet exposure, smoking, heredity, trauma, ocular infection and medicine also play roles in having cataract.

There are some tips to reduce effect of bright/sunlight on people with cataract.

  • Wearing hat and sunglasses during outdoor activities
  • Wearing glasses with anti-refraction coating
  • Wearing slightly tinted spectacles lenses to reduce the effect of glare(may not be suitable for some clients)

Health care VoucherIf the cataract affect daily life, surgery would be required to replace the cloudy crystalline lens by an artificial intra-ocular lens.

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