Child eye development

Vision is important in learning and growth. From birth to 8 year-old is a critical period for vision development, and the most important period should be before 3rd birthday.

22123012_s-2New born to 3 months old

New born baby can see clearly up to about 25cm. Their eyes movement, visual field and color vision are still weak. However after 3 months, eyes movement would become more mature gradually.

4 to 6 months old

To maintain single vision is not easy to children, but they would try hard to achieve it. Stereopsis, color vision would be better now. Up to 6 months, most children can remember what they have seen and their eye-hand coordination would become better and better.

6 months to 3 years old

When the child is playing, walking and learning, vision play an important role. The coordination between eyes and body movement would become better than before. Stereopsis, visual behavior, visual memory are all developing.

After 3 years old

Visual function would almost be as same as adult’s eyes at this stage.
If there are any visual problems, which would affect vision development seriously, the child will get amblyopia (lazy eyes). Thus, we suggest parents should bring their children to check the eyes and vision regularly, in order to prevent any eye diseases.