Children eye problems

Color vision defects
Our eye contain 3 types of visual cell which are responsible to perceive different colors. If any of them is not function properly, we will be color deficiency or even color blindness.

Color deficiency Color blindness
Symptoms Red-green color defect(90%), yellow-blue defect(rare) All color turn to grey with different densities
Prevalence Male: 8 in 100 males
Female: 1 in 200 females
1 in 1 million people
Reasons Heredity, eye diseases(cataract,retinal defect, optic nerve defect) Congenital
Treatment No treatment No treatment

Children with mild to moderate color vision defect may not affect their daily life. It is because they can still differentiate most of the colors, but the color they see will be different from others. Hence, they can usually differentiate the traffic light easily. In fact, some famous painters and artists were diagnosed as color vision defect too!