Adult eye problems


Untitled1What is floaters?
Have  you saw some small pieces of spot, thread or grey fragment floating in the air  but you can never catch it before? We call this floaters, which would follow your eye movement.

Why having floaters?
Over 80% of area inside our eyes is a transparent, gel-like liquid named vitreous humour. This liquid fills the space between our lens and retina, with the main function of vitreous of supporting our retina.
Floaters, in most cases, are the degenerative changes of our vitreous humour due to aging and myopia. Floaters are usually innocuous, however, if the quantity of floaters increase suddenly and rapidly, it would be an indicator of some serious retinal diseases, such as retinal hole, retinal detachment, retinitis, uveitis and blooding in fundus etc. Emergent treatment may be required.

Treatment of floaters?
No treatment is needed in most cases of floater. However, if the number of floater significantly increase and severely affect vision, then surgeries (vitrectomy and vitreolysis) may be necessary.

What should we do if we see floaters?
It is important to find out the underlining causes of having floater, and then to treat the primary eye diseases which causing floater. Thus, if you are seeing floater, a comprehensive eye examination should be done as soon as possible.