Comprehensive eye examination

Web.0011.History taking
Understanding patient past history of ocular condition/medication, general health condition/medication, medicine allergy and habit of reading is importance. Systemic diseases like nasal allergy, hypertension and DM may affect vision and eyes health.  Furthermore, Family history of systemic or ocular disease is also helpful in diagnosing heritable eye problems.

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2. Visual acuity (VA) testWeb.005

VA is basic of our visual function. By measuring how small the letter, number or figure your eyes can see, we can diagnose whether your are in risk of eye diseases.

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Web.0083. Color vision
Around 1 / 12 boys have color vision problem. By using international standard Color Vision Test Book, we can find out which type and the level of their color vision defect and give advice. 


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Cover Test24.Binocular Vision and Accommodation tests
Binocular Vision is very important in depth perception, class learning, and playing sports.   In order to check whether children/adult get squint or any other binocular vision problems, series of tests (convergence ability, accommodation ability and coordination of both eyes’ external muscles) will be done.

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Web.0065. Stereopsis tests
Stereopsis is our ability of depth perception. By using different tools, we can quantify patient’s ability.

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Web.0026. Testing of refractive status (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism)
With experienced technique and advanced equipment, we can check the refractive status accurately. We can also rule out any pseudo-myopia by using approved diagnostic eye medicine (Cycloplegic refraction).

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Web.0147. Eye pressure(Intraocular pressure) measurement
High eye pressure (intra-ocular pressure) will induce glaucoma, a serious eye disease. We  use non-contact and contact tonometer to measure eye intraocular pressure (IOP) for every patient. 

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Web.0118. External eye examination
With our bio-microscope and digital image recording system, it is easy to check and record different kind of eye diseases like allergy, tricharsis, tear problems, conjunctivitis and cataract.


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Web.0129. Internal eye examination
Eyes diseases affecting internal part of our eye are usually more serious but difficult to notice. With the help of advance equipment, we can look into your eyes and check if there are nay problem, such as Retinal degeneration, hole, break, DM retinopathy, bleeding etc.

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Health care VoucherDiagnosis and Prescription

We will analyze and summarize the results of each tests and give advice to our patients. A detail report with prescription form would be given. A referral letter with photo will be given if eyes diseases are diagnosed and need further treatment.

Health Care Voucher is welcome in our center.

Video of Comprehensive eye examination


Fee for Comprehensive eye examination is HK$300.

    1. In order to improve the children compliance during eye examination, we combine games and the examination procedures. It would encourage children to complete eye examination faster and happier. The more compliance the children are, the more accurate of the findings would be.-Read more-
    2. Eye drop for dilating pupil would be used during the examination. The eyes would be more sensitive to bright light and the near vision would be affected for 4-6 hours.