Eye examination for adult


People over 40 years old will have higher risk of having eye degeneration and diseases, such as cataract, glaucoma, macular (yellow-spot) and retinal degeneration. These eyes problems are more easy to be treat if they are diagnosed earlier. Annual comprehensive eye check is important.

Comprehensive eye examination fee is HK$300, the followings eye conditions will be checked:

Health care Voucher

Eye diseases with DM
Eye diseases with hypertension
Macular and retinal degeneration

Health Care Voucher is welcome in our center.

Test for Cataract

Inside each or our eyes, there is a crystalline lens which is clearness and responsible to focus image on our retina clearly. Cataract is the condition that the lens become to cloudy and affect vision.


Tests for macular and retinal degeneration

Fundus Photo 

Retinal disease