Prescription of Spectacles (Frames)

General Frames

How to choose a suitable eyeglasses for your children?

There are some tips for your reference:

  1. The size of spectacles should fit the children face and distance between the two eyes.
  2. It would be better if the spectacles have adjustable nose pad which help keeping spectacles at a stable position.
  3. Spectacles made from light-weight and rigid materials bring children comfortable wearing experiences. (Some new designed plastic frame is even lighter and more durable than traditional titanium frame.)
  4. Safe and long-lasting are also important factors. (Some children frame are designed with little or even no screw in them.)

In our centre, a wide variety of children spectacles with different sizes, color and design are available for selection. They are all light-weight, durable and safe for children. We sure you can choose a suitable spectacles for your children.

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Prescription of progressive lenses

In our center, we have all well-known brands of progressive lenses for those having reading problem (presbyopia)